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PRINCIPAL - Presidency School Bangalore South


(Director/Principal of Presidency School, Bilekahalli)

When you lead by example, you create a picture of what’s possible and make it easy for others to follow you”. With this motto and strong belief,…

Principal, Presidency School, RT Nagar


(Principal, Presidency School, RT Nagar)

An achiever all through her life, Ms. Ashalata Micah topped the university in English at her Masters in Literature ( African and Carribbean) . She is the recepient of a gold medal…

Presidency School, Banashankari- School Principal


(Principal, Presidency School, Banashankari)

An accomplished Academician, Ms. Raman brings to the Office of the Principal of the School, Thirty One [31] Years of rich and meritorious Teaching Expertise and Academic Administrative…

Principal, Presidency School, Nandini Layout


(Principal, Presidency School, Nandini Layout)

A good leader is not the one who makes followers but is the one who makes leaders! Dr. Indira Kothaneth is a name that reflects knowledge, principles, discipline and excellence. She has donned the role of…

Presidency School Mangalore- School Principal


(Principal, Presidency School, Mangalore)

A dedicated and an astute teacher with over 18 years of experience in the field of teaching, student management & co-ordination of school. Her career began in the St. Theresa ICSE School…

Principal, Presidency School, Bangalore North


(Principal, Presidency School, Bangalore North)

A talented and hardworking leader, has lead others by her own example. She is a dynamic and a passionate educator , who has successfully connected with young minds for over three decades.

Dr. Krishna Bhati Principal - Presidency School Bangalore East

Dr. Krishna Bhati

(PRINCIPAL - Presidency School Bangalore East)

Dr. Krishna Bhati brings a wealth of 28 years of experience in the education sector, in which 16 years are as a school leader. Amongst the Awards and accolades that have come her way, it is noteworthy to mention…

St Paul's English school - School Principal


(PRINCIPAL – St. Paul’s English School)

A motivational trainer and a mentor for school kids, she is an innovator, a firefighter and a problem solver with a passion for academic excellence of the students. Mrs Anita Menon has more than 17 years…

Ms. J. Bhubaneswari
DIRECTOR / PRINCIPAL - Presidency School, Bilekahalli

The Principal, Ms. J. Bhuvaneswari’s, (MA, Med, MS, M.Phil) has 38 years of experience and expertise in the field of education and served for more than two decades as the Principal. She has graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics and Computer Science with E-Commerce. She also has an additional qualification of Master’s degree in Education and MPhil in Human Resource Management. In addition to these qualifications, she has been trained in various management and leadership programs at the prestigious institutions, IIM A and IIM C and the world famous educational Institution, Harward School, Boston.

She has had the opportunity to work in IB, ICSE and CBSE syllabus. In her own words, “I pride at being an educator first and then an administrator” She has innate understanding about the nuances of skill set problems that have been further chiseled at IIM and Harvard. She has been credited with special appreciations from the IB board when she was stationed at Chinmaya International for guiding the students in the extended essay in which all students secured 8 points. She has headed 6 schools of Presidency since 2002. In all the schools headed by her, she has been instrumental at building a connect between the school, students and parents. She has been able to promote her vision flawlessly and has executed major productions that involve social awareness. Her innovative thinking, creative mind along with clarity in vision and communication provides a transparency to all the stakeholders which are essential in any organization. She has been constantly upgrading herself and changing to the need of the hour. She never shies away from any challenge and continues to work on path breaking ideas that help the team. She acts decisively during crisis and has excellent time management skills that helps her delegate tasks effectively empowering others. Her skills in micromanaging help her to attain perfection. Above all she is a compassionate human being who has a personal and unwavering understanding of all her staff and students. Her cheerful demeanor and strong leadership skills in the midst of any crisis are one of her unique selling points that have ensured success to every school that she has been to. She has mentored many leaders in the organization. She loves to create new bench marks and moves towards path breaking in all 360 degree areas.

As a futuristic leader, she has taken upon herself the task of grooming children, to bring out their latent potentials and appreciate the same. All the events of the school are well planned highlighting value based themes to create awareness in all stake holders and instill a sense of duty, morality and responsibility. To name a few of the productions performed by the school, He for She –“Stree”, Voice of the Children, Rally for Rivers, Rainbow Revolution -Tribute to the farmers, Dashaavatar – in a new dimension and Aikya were powerful displays of important issues well received and appreciated by the parent, student, and teacher community.
The school further has made it possible to create platforms that would best support achieving individualistic goals. Joining hands with the parent community and gaining their trust and faith has been an achievement for us, as we treasure this valuable relationship to tread that extra mile towards limitless boundaries.

At PSBS nothing is impossible or too early. All it takes is the belief in self and a positive bent of mind to be the change, instead of awaiting the tide to change its course. “Be the change and live the change that you have always envisioned” has been ingrained in every learner who has been nestled in the bosom of Presidency.
We at PSBS have successfully integrated scientifically planned curriculum, coupled with keenness in sports and appreciation of arts through multifarious activities. While myriad opportunities are created for self- analysis and goal setting, we at our ends have ensured the development in emotional and spiritual well being through empathizing with real life situations. The school focuses on structured learning enrichment classes for all the students in all domains.

The school continues to receive several International, National, Regional, State and District awards. The school has been winning the International School Award by the British Council back to back consecutively, the GREE – Global Research for Excellent Education award, Microsoft Showcase award, Education World award, Education Today award to name a few.

It is noteworthy to mention that during the COVID pandemic, the school handled online classes very effectively from March 30th 2020 using the Microsoft Teams platform. Teachers were quickly able to shift from the traditional teaching methodologies to online tools within a short time ensuring learning continues even in the lockdown and pandemic period. The school has adopted the blended learning to reduce learning gaps.
Presidency, Bangalore South is more than glad to nourish these tiny fledglings nestled in our care and unleash the confidence in them to soar on the wings of imagination ,into the world ,where the sky is no longer the limit- beyond the skies lies a whole new world of enchantment , opportunities and dreams that are just waiting to be discovered. Welcome to Presidency, where we make things HAPPEN!

Ms. Asha Micah
PRINCIPAL - Presidency School, RT Nagar

Welcome to Presidency School R.T. Nagar, Bangalore! We are a school that is committed to make a difference by ensuring that no child is left behind . Presidency School, R.T. Nagar is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Karnataka which has been featuring in Top Rankings conducted by erstwhile agencies , one of them being Education world.

Presidency’s staunch commitment is all about moulding students into individuals with wholesome personalities, fully equipped to face the challenges of the bright new world of the future. Rapid and constantly changing trends in the field of education encourage the teaching faculty at Presidency to be prepared at all times to take on newer challenges each day with enthusiasm.

Every staff member is motivated to provide an atmosphere conducive for discovery, where children are encouraged to be creative and curious about their surroundings and its development; The main aim of the school is to ensure that all children who are enrolled at Presidency are afforded holistic education which helps every student grow into an extra ordinary individual, with a strong sense of dedication, compassion and sensitivity. The friendly and family atmosphere that prevails in the campus enables the students to accept the responsibilities that are entrusted to them effortlessly. Presidency tries to empower children in a variety of ways and helps develop their self-confidence and their sense of social responsibility.

Our endeavor is to develop in our students the courage to take on challenges, realizing that challenges help you to unfold your abilities and move in the direction of attaining excellence. We encourage our students to reach out for the stars that lie hidden in their souls, and to dream deep for every dream precedes the attainment of their goals.

Ms. Sandhya Raman
PRINCIPAL - Presidency School, Banashankari

An accomplished Academician, Ms. Sandhya Raman brings to the Office of the Principal of the School, Thirty One [31] Years of rich and meritorious Teaching Expertise and Academic Administrative Experience of which Ten [10] Years were as Principal in Premier Institutions like the Gopalan National School and the New Horizon Public School. Under the Astute Leadership of Ms. Raman, these Institutions received Accolades and Recognitions

Ms. Raman holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Science [B. Sc. Maths] and Education [B. Ed.] backed with a Master’s Degree in English.

On behalf of the staff and management of Presidency School,  Banashankari,  it is my privilege,  as the Principal, to welcome you to the school academic year 2022-23.

We plan to lay a strong foundation in our Pursuit of Excellence,  backed by the Presidency Legacy of   40+ years.  We consider the school to be an extension of the home and home to be an extension of school. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with you in which both stakeholders – you as parents and we as facilitators can work towards a common goal of providing holistic education.  We know that a strong partnership with you,  will make a marked and significant difference in your child’s education.

The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next,” said Abraham Lincoln.

Yes, we take ourselves very seriously.  Keeping this in mind, the school complements its academic curriculum with interesting co-curriculum activities.  Every child has inherent abilities and strengths – some apparent and some hidden. We educators let these qualities bloom. We as a team – the teachers and parents have to instill values, both in and out of school. We seek your co-operation and participation in this journey to make well-rounded, well-grounded, responsible citizens of this country and the world.

Arise, Awake, and Stop not until the goal is reached.”

Dr. Indira Kothenath
PRINCIPAL - Presidency School Nandini Layout

A good leader is not the one who makes followers but is the one who makes leaders!

An educator who has weathered many a season with an experience of four decades in the field of education, Dr Indira Kothaneth is a name that reflects knowledge, principles, discipline and excellence. She has donned the role of leadership from the year 2001 when she became the founder Principal of Delhi Public School Bangalore. 

Educational Qualifications:
1) An (hon) doctorate from the University of Asia

2) Master of Arts (MA) and BA (hons) from Lady Shri Ram College New Delhi

3) A B Ed from Teacher’s College New Delhi

4) A post graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management from New Delhi

She is an orator, critical-logical thinker, problem solver with exceptional management skill. A teacher at heart, she focuses on building happy and healthy learning environment. She been part of this wonderful group of institutions from the year 2009 when she joined as the Principal of PSRTN. A lifelong learner who remains eternally in the quest for excellence, madam started her journey in the field of education at Modern School, New Delhi and from there moved on to Chennai, Calcutta and Bangalore. This geographical mobility has not only enhanced her flexibility and learning but it has also made her multilingual with an ability to speak in 7 languages

Mrs. Shaila Saldanha
PRINCIPAL - Presidency School, Mangalore

In this challenging world which is very different from the one three decades ago, we as educators need to think and reflect on the entire system of education. We need to endeavor constantly to instill such qualities in our children such that we take pride in ourselves as they develop into responsible and committed citizens of the next generation. We focus on transforming your career dreams into reality. Apart from rendering a homely atmosphere we are trying to spread the light of quality education across the country. On a daily basis the students are invited to question, explore, discover and reflect upon the learning process. The teachers do not disseminate information via lectures. We develop and personalize the curriculum so it is relevant and engaging and challenging for each student. We provide a platform to sharpen their hidden talents to face this challenging world. You can be confident that we will not let any barrier to keep us from educating your child.

We aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment where gifted and talented students are encouraged to explore their potential and achieve their personal best in all aspects of life. Students are challenged and engaged through authentic learning opportunities that inspire them to develop creativity, confidence and resilience to become independent and ethical life-long learners.

We value relationships and connections with the community. We encourage our students to develop respectful relationships with their peers, teachers and broader community. Our supportive management, dedicated group of teachers work hard to develop and sustain productive connections with our parents. You have made the right choice of being here with us.

Let us move ahead together looking at our school motto “Gain more knowledge, Reach greater heights” and reach our goal.

Ms. Rekha Vinod
PRINCIPAL - Presidency School Bangalore North

It gives me immense pleasure to be part of PSBN family and look forward to support the enriching journey of learning for our children.

As a teacher/Mentor/Facilitator /Principal for the past three decades of my commitments, I have looked forward to adopting to the changes as per the evolving times. The need for transformational teaching/learning has begun as a new approach and I wish to give the best to bring in the best from every child. Smart students of this generation require student centric learning which connects them to practical experiences and actively engages them within and outside schools. I am happy to be part of our valuable team of PSBN Teachers, who have come together to support our children in this approach.

PGI Management and PSBN family have always envisaged on an all round and balanced education based on sound intellectual, physical, moral and social formation. Inspite of tough challenges countered over the past two years, your support has been our guiding force to overcome troubles and help us to march forward with our goals. The world and humanity will continue to evolve and move forward at a rapid pace. Even as we impart education to match the advancement in technology and globalization, we lead our children ahead with ethos of moral values and principles. We endeavor constantly to instill these qualities in our students.
Looking forward to your everlasting support to reach new heights of glory.

Dr. Krishna Bhati
PRINCIPAL - Presidency School Bangalore East

Dr. Krishna Bhati brings a wealth of 28 years of experience in the education sector, in which 16 years are as a school leader. Amongst the Awards and accolades that have come her way, it is noteworthy to mention that she has received No.1 in Leadership in the country in 2015 by Education World Magazine. She was also bestowed with Rajasthan Gaurav Award for demonstrating excellence in school Leadership in 2016. She was felicitated in the House of Commons, UK where she was awarded certification of Global League Institution 2017-18 based on a student satisfaction survey by Great Place to Study Research Institute.

Dr. Bhati has done her Post Graduation in English Literature from Jodhpur University & a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from IMT Ghaziabad. She has qualified her Bachelor in Education degree from MD University, Rohtak. She has been recently conferred with Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) by NIMS University.

She is passionate about incorporating Art Integrated Learning in the school curriculum. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s Nai Talim, she believes that Skill Education must be an essential component of school education and hopes to establish a pre- vocational centre in the school. She is committed to strengthening inclusive education in mainstream schooling.

As a part of her professional development, our Principal has attended numerous National and International workshops. Notable are the CBSE, COE workshops from time to time, Effective School Management from NUEPA, ICTRC workshops on Guidance & Counselling in school education, Strategic Leadership course from IIM Lucknow and British Council training sessions. She has also visited Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia U.K, Dubai, Australia, France and Italy assimilating global educational experiences.

She has been a part of various CBSE Inspection Committees and independent audit committee. She has been a Panel Speaker on various forums addressing social issues as ‘Challenges faced by Transgender Community’, Child welfare programmes as well as rendering support to organizations involved in sensitization of teenagers against substance abuse.

She has held positions as the member of CBSE Consultative Committee and is on the Advisory Board of a prestigious Organization named DISHA- a school for differently abled.

We look forward to many productive academic years with her.

Dr. Krishna Bhati


Ms. Anita Menon
PRINCIPAL – St. Paul’s English School

A motivational trainer and a mentor for school kids, she is an innovator, a firefighter and a problem solver with a passion for academic excellence of the students. Mrs Anita Menon has more than 17 years of academic and administrative experience and believes in the philosophy that students should have enormously big dreams and life goals. She is a visionary who persists in the face of adversity. 

As a mentor, she has a burning desire to guide students towards their meaningful life goals. Having finished Masterpieces of World literature from HarvardX, she has a Masters in Eng and LLB from University of Pune. She is a CBSE n AIEF resource person and adduces her philosophy that through the ‘Art of Teaching’ one can assist in the ‘Art of Discovery ‘.