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Presidency School Nandini Layout

Presidency School Nandini Layout is one of the best schools in Nandini Layout, Bangalore. This co-educational school is situated in City Center and is known for setting new benchmarks in high-quality education. The school is promoted by the Presidency Group of Institutions and follows the ICSE: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Syllabus. With a focus on providing a holistic education, the school is committed to developing students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical abilities. The school has a team of experienced  and dedicated teachers who work towards nurturing the potential of each student. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern teaching methodologies, and comprehensive curriculum make Presidency School Nandini Layout one of the top choices for parents seeking the best education for their children.

Presidency School Nandini Layout



Kindergarten Students- Presidency Early Years

KinderGarten (Early Years Program)

Pre-KG, Prep-1 & 2

Presidency School, one of the best schools in Nandini layout Bangalore, focuses on the importance of Early childhood education. We believe in the concept of learning through experience, interaction and inquiry during these formative years. This approach helps the young minds to develop holistically and encourages them to explore their potential.

Primary classes of Presidency School Nandini Layout


(Grades I-IV)

Presidency School, one of the best schools in Nandini layout Bangalore’ offer an extensive curriculum designed to foster creativity, curiosity, determination, independence, self-reliance, tolerance and teamwork in students. It takes into account the individual needs of each student to ensure the best learning experience.

Presidency School Nandini Layout Bangalore- Top School

Middle School

(Grades V-VII)

At Presidency School, one of the best schools in Nandini Layout, Bangalore, the program of study followed and designed for the middle school takes into consideration the expectations at the entrance level for high school. The program of study followed at this level is also termed “futuristic learning”.

Presidency School Nandini Layout - Highschool Students

High School

(Grades VIII-X)

Our aim is to provide the best possible education for all our students in the best schools in Nandini Layout Bangalore by recognizing the needs of the individuals, placing suitable high demands on them and stimulating them to achieve success. Each student receives individual attention and guidance.


Presidency School Nandini Layout - Classrooms

Presidency School, one of the best schools in Nandini Layout Bangalore, with its spacious and modern classrooms. The classrooms are vibrant, with brightly painted furniture and colorful display boards.

Transportation of Presidency Schools Nandini Layout Bangalore

At Presidency School Nandini Layout, one of the best schools in Nandini layout Bangalore, we try to make the road to learning as enjoyable as the destination by offering convenient, safe, and comfortable transport facilities to our students.

Our large fleet of buses covers most prime localities in Bangalore. All our hi-tech buses are GPS-enabled, so you can easily monitor and track your child’s location throughout the journey.

Sanitation at Presidency Group of Schools

We strive to provide a healthy and clean environment for your child at the best schools in Nandini layout Bangalore. We ensure world-class standards in sanitation on campus.

All amenities, right from drinking water to washrooms and shower cubicles, are designed to maximize usability and hygiene levels.

Medical Facilities of Presidency Schools Bangalore

Presidency School, one of the best schools in Nandini layout Bangalore, ensures the safety and well-being of its students by providing a special, well-equipped health room to handle any emergency medical situation.

A full-time qualified nurse attends to any child who may fall ill in school and keeps sick children under observation until parents pick them up. Furthermore, the school also conducts frequent health checkups and workshops on the importance of hygiene.

Presidency School Nandini Layout- School Labs

Presidency School, one of the best schools in Nandini layout Bangalore, is well equipped with spacious, well- ventilated physics, chemistry, biology, math and Computer labs. It also has a modern multimedia system along with software on varied topics related to science, thus providing the students with an enhanced learning experience.

Presidency Schools Nandini layout- Library

The library at Presidency School, one of the best schools in Nandini layout Bangalore, houses a vast range of age-appropriate books starting from the kindergarten level, making it a unique repository of resources for our teachers, covering a wide range of topics contribute greatly to further enriching and making learning an enjoyable experience.

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