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“Providing holistic education to help our students excel in life”

Affiliated to CBSE


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Presidency School Kasturi Nagar, Bengaluru.

"Providing holistic education to help our students excel in life.”

Affiliated to CBSE


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Presidency School Kasturi Nagar

Presidency School Bangalore East (PSBE), best schools in Bangalore East, is located in Kasturinagar, which is one of the self contained localities of Bangalore. Presidency School Bangalore East is well equipped with facilities. Presidency School Bangalore East, believes in developing self confidence & self esteem in children and make them ready for the real world, co-curricular activities should be encouraged and every child must be…

Presidency Kasturi Nagar



KinderGarten (Early Years Program)

Pre-KG, Prep-1 & 2

The early childhood years focuses on learning through experience, interaction and inquiry. Classrooms are vibrant and colourful centres of happy activity pads.The Kindergarten curriculum is exclusively based on research.


(Grades I-IV)

The curriculum designed gives a wide scope for the children to explore their interest and develop abilities to promote creativity, curiosity, determination, independence, self reliance, tolerance and team work. The curriculum tries to address the individuality of each student.

Middle School

(Grades V-VII)

At Presidency, the programme of study followed and designed for the middle school takes into consideration the expectations at entrance level for high school. The program of the study followed at this level is also termed as futuristic learning.

High School

(Grades VIII-X)

Our aim is to provide the best possible education for all our students by recognizing the needs of the individuals, placing suitable high demands on them and stimulating them to achieve success. Each student receives individual attention and guidance.

Senior Secondary School


This two-year education stage is very important in the life of any individual. The team of very experienced and well qualified faculty at PSBE ensures that the students are in safe hands and are handled with care and concern. The school also takes extra effort to monitor the progress of each child by assigning a mentor who motivates and encourages the student.



Targeting a superior educational environment, spacious, well- ventilated and networked class rooms, labs, audio-visual studios, music and dance room along with other amenities needed to provide a good learning experience are made available. The learning atmosphere is livened with brightly painted furniture and colourful display boards.


We follow an integrated approach to school transport issues which involve a set of different measures from vehicle distinctiveness which include speed devices, windows and doors opening restrictions, safety equipment to the endorsement of other safety measures such as traffic calming measures and arrangements in the vicinity of schools. Drivers’ qualifications, Track record are given attention before appointment. Buses are fitted with speed governors; GPS as well as CCTVs bearing in mind the safety of every child using School transport. A lady attendant is always on board, irrespective of the grade level using transport, viz Kindergarten to grade XII.


We seek to provide a hygienic and clean environment for your child. As hygiene and convenience have a crucial importance, we ensure world-class standards in sanitation on campus.

Everything, from drinking water to wash rooms and shower cubicles, is designed in a way that enhances maximum usability and levels of hygiene.


A special, well-equipped health room has been built to handle any emergency medical situation that may arise. A full-time qualified nurse attends to any child who may fall ill during school hours, and also keeps sick children under observation until you pick them up.

The school nurse conducts frequent health checkups and workshops on the importance of hygiene. There’s also a doctor on call on all working days.


Presidency School has Science labs catering to each of the three branches which are fully equipped with the latest and the advanced materials and supplies while maintaining a high degree of safety standards which result in the fission of ideas to inculcate a scientific temper and a quest to excel!



The Presidency Library boasts of the latest editions of journals, reference books, new arrivals in fictions across genres such as Realistic fiction, Historical fiction, Fantasy, Science fiction, Biography / Autobiography / Memoir, Non-fiction , Poetry, Traditional literature, Graphic novels, encyclopaedias etc. The books are labelled and shelved for easy access using a Library Management System. The School library is the much sought after destination for most learners at Presidency!



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The sporting arena at Presidency has seen a new dimension altogether whether it is in cricket, football, basketball, swimming, athletics, skating, yoga or any other sport. Inter Presidency Sports have been the spring-board for our budding sportsmen who have now been able to compete at National levels and make a mark of their own on behalf of Presidency. Students have participated in competitions including the CBSE Cluster Meet and secured huge accolades!

Students participate in a wide range of indoor and outdoor games. Regular after-schooling coaching is offered for all team games.

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