Poetry Writing Competition- 30th July 2021

Presidency Group of School - Poetry Writing event

A poetry writing competition was organized by Presidency school, Kasturinagar on 30th July 2021. Students were briefed about the activity by their respective English Teachers. A common theme was given on the spot and the students were given 10 minutes to plan and then 35 minutes to write the poem with a title (not less […]

Spell Bee Activity-27th July

SPELL-BEE-ACTIVITY- Presidency Schools

Grades 3-5 students of PSBE took part in Spell Bee Activity on 27th July. It was held to aid students in learning spellings quickly and accurately with comprehension, promote students’ knowledge of proper word usage and encourage them to strive for excellence in spelling skills. Students participated with great enthusiasm and duelled through the toughest […]

Mom And Me- For K1 Students

Presidency Group of Schools - Mom and Me event

To increase the bond between the mother and the child, Presidency Early Years, Kasturinagar organised the ‘Mom & Me’ event for its K1 students. They spoke about each other and made cards then shared hugs and children went on to groom the mothers to look ‘beautiful’. A short video was played for them post which […]

Public Speaking Activity-for K2 Students

Presidency Early Years- Students activity

Public Speaking: The objective of this activity was to help the children of K2 at Presidency Early Years, Kasturinagar, build their self-confidence, to improve their descriptive skills by communicating their feelings/thoughts, foster public speaking competency among these young learners. The students were given the topics in advance. They were really excited to speak on their […]

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