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Unleashing Excellence: Ms. J. Bhuvaneswari Shines Bright, Recognized Amongst Education Today’s Esteemed 50 Most Effective Principals of 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the Director and Principal of Presidency School Bangalore South – Ms. J. Bhuvaneswari, an exceptional leader in the realm of education, has been bestowed with a remarkable accolade. As a result of her remarkable contributions and unwavering commitment to creating an enriching learning environment, she has been recognized by Education Today as one of the 50 Effective Principals in India, 2023. In her article on Childhood Depression and Its Treatment, Ms. J. Bhuvaneswari delves into the intricate world of mental health, shedding light on an often overlooked issue affecting young minds. With compassion and expertise, she elucidates the complex nature of childhood depression, emphasizing the importance of early detection and intervention. Her insightful words underscore the need for a multi-faceted approach where a nurturing environment, supportive relationships, and evidence-based therapies converge to uplift and empower our young generation. 

Presidency School Bilekahalli- South Bangalore - Principal

Her visionary approach, innovative pedagogical strategies, and unwavering dedication to the holistic development of her students have undoubtedly propelled her to this well-deserved recognition. She stands as an inspiration, an epitome of excellence, and a beacon of hope for the educational community.

Congratulations to Ms. J. Bhuvaneswari for this extraordinary accomplishment and for her relentless pursuit of educational excellence.

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